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Wooden and Concert Fencing and Fence

We make quality garden fencing, and have been installing it for many years. We are hard working and reliable, and fully experienced in all aspects of garden fencing.

When is comes to fencing, we aim to produce a quality product. We want strength and long life, and that is why each panel is made by hand, ensuring that top quality slats etc are used and secured/ nailed effectively, resulting in a neater finish and increased strength.  We also offer the facility of making up part panels if required. 

We offer two types of Waney/Overlap Panels, a standard panel (with battens only on the back) and a luxury panel (with battens back and front) which makes the panel just a bit sturdier.  We also offer the Vertical Featherboard panel, which is a much heavier panel.  Please contact us for prices for all our panels etc.,.

We specialise in concrete slotted posts and gravel boards which accommodate all our fencing panels, these are all made by ourselves. Each post and gravel board is made using reinforce steel bars, standard colour is grey, however we can make special colours to order. We also have wooden posts available, at very reasonable prices.

We may not be 'mass production' but we are quality driven

All timber is pre-treated at the time of sale, the treatment used should protect the timber against wood destroying insects and wood rotting fungi.  When working with the timber PPE should be worn.  Do not use treated wood under circumstances where the preservative may become a component of food, animal feed or beehives or in contact with a drinking water supply.  Do not use preserved wood for mulch.

Type Sizes available

Waney/Overlap Panels

(other sizes are available)

6ft x 6ft

5ft x 6ft

4ft x 6ft

Vertical Featherboard/ Closeboard Panels

(other sizes are available)

6ft x 6ft

5ft x 6ft

4ft x 6ft

Trellis Panels (Square)

(other sizes are available)

1ft x 6ft

2ft x 6ft

3ft x 6ft

Round Top Pickett Panels

4ft x 6ft

3ft x 6ft

2ft x 6ft

Slotted Posts 125 x 100mm  5”x 4"   Other sizes and colours available   to order.       

2.4m  (8ft) high
2.1m  (7ft) high
1.8m  (6ft) high
1.5m  (5ft) high

Slotted Corner Posts Sizes as above
Timber Posts

75 x 75mm x 2.4m

75 x 75mm x 3m

100 x 100 x 2.4m

100 x 100 x 3m

Rockfaced Gravel Board 

300mm x 1.8m  (1ft x 6ft)

Smooth Gravel Board

300mm x 1.8m  (1ft x 6ft)

150mm x 1.8m  (6 x 6ft)

Timber Effect Gravel Board 300mm x 1.8m  (1ft x 6ft)

Four Weathered Pillar Cap

530mm  (21”) square
450mm  (18”) square
380mm  (15”) square
300mm  (12”) square

Twice Weathered Coping

140 x 600mm  (6” x 24”)
280 x 600mm  (11” x 24”)

Coping Corners

Matches 140mm (6”) coping

Flat Riven Coping

150 x 600mm  (6” x 24”)

Cottage Walling Blocks

300 x 150 x 65

Cottage Walling Copings

450 x 220 x 50


FENCING TIMBER AVAILABLE Prices on request (sizes are approx.)
Featherboard Slats 125 x 22 x 1.8
Waney Slats 100-150 x 4.7 x 1.83 (72")
Battens 38 x 19 x 1.83 (72")
Apex Caps 45 x 18 x 1.83 (72")

46 x 18 x 1.83 (72")

Kickboards 150 x 22 x 4.8m
Rails 38 x 38 x 1.83 (72")
  88 x 38 x 3.6m
  100 x 47 x 4.8m

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